Make it a must

Even when we are not performing, dancers prioritise our personal fitness and health so we are ready for anything when rehearsals start. You never know whatthe choreographer has in mind. So its important for us to stay in peak condition physically and mentally at all times.

People in other professions often don’t make the connection between their physical health and their performance at work. But strength, resilience, creativity, efficiency and mental toughness are important in any career.
We hear a lot these days about emotional intelligence and being able to control our state, so we can be positive, open minded, and willing to take action to solve our problems and challenges, not just complain and hope someone else will do it for us.
A large body of research shows the importance of physical fitness and exercise in controlling stress and anxiety, and staying at a high level of energy.
You too should make it a must to be physically fit and healthy, and do whatever it takes to optimise your life for the ultimate performance and wellbeing.
Ask us to design a personalised coaching and treatment plan to help you stay on top, achieve your goals and take care of the people you most care about.
Don’t let them down: take care of yourself first so you can give those you love the support and inspiration they need.