What’s stopping you from achieving the results you want?

You have a goal. And you’re going to push yourself as hard as it takes until you achieve it.


You’re pushing yourself harder than you ever have before, and you are 100% committed to reaching your goal. You train relentlessly every day, and studying every night, constantly upping your game and setting yourself even more strenuous challenges. You just know that you have it in you: success is just around the corner, so near you can taste the thrill of it now. You’d give anything to make it, to win.

But that persistent ache you’ve been trying to ignore just won’t go away. Suddenly you can no longer deny it, when a stab of agony cuts right through your iron resolve. You stumble, and fear jolts through the back of your mind. What if this is something really serious?

While you are so focussed on achieving your goal, is there something important that you are ignoring or pushing to the back of your mind? What’s getting in the way of you achieving the results you are sure you should be getting by now?

Hi, I’m Briar, and I’m the founder of EosBody. Before I started work as a professional performance and fitness coach, I graduated from professional ballet school in Australia and relocated to London to be right at the heart of world arts, theatre and culture. As a dancer I’d been told I had the “wrong kind of body”. But I knew I wanted to explore what creativity and the arts meant to me and that meant I wanted the very best background and experience that I could get. Despite my limitations, I was determined to see how far I could go.

I persevered with my classical training, pushing myself to achieve the best performance I could in the competitive world of ballet. I had some amazing teachers who pushed me to excel, and a team of talented and dedicated physiotherapists who helped me deal with the inevitable injuries I encountered during my intensive training. I learned that I could push myself way beyond what I thought my limits were.

But I learned something else as well. Sometimes, pushing myself harder and ignoring the natural intelligence of my body’s physical and mental learning machine wasn’t always the answer. I saw the same thing happen with many of my dance school colleagues: talented, determined young people who pushed themselves to the point of injury and burnout, cutting short their potential and experiencing depression, self doubt and loss of meaning.

Your body is naturally amazing. When you put your mind to something, it’s incredible what you can achieve. But what do you do when when things aren’t going the way you expect? Stop, and ask yourself: What am I avoiding paying attention to right now?

In 2005 I started EosBody: a way I could teach people who have a burning desire to achieve success, how they can get the balance right between intense, focussed training, setting and exceeding goals, and then backing off the throttle and feelin the thrill of allowing the body to glide, soaring through one achievement after another, when all the preparation, care and maintenance are are taken care of and success becomes not only effortless but guaranteed.


Are your actions in line with what your true values are?

In today’s competitive and individual achievement focused culture, we often feel overwhelmed by our desire to win, to be single minded, to go for our goals without any limitations. What I learned through my years of ballet training and working in the performing arts industry was that success often comes when we learn to allow it to happen, rather than trying to force it, by tuning in to the body’s natural healing and strength building processes. That means we have to pace ourselves, set achieveable goals and celebrate them, and learn to relax and let go as much as we develop our power to switch on and engage. The incredible power of the unconscious processes happening every day inside your mind and body are capable of achieving amazing things that will surprise even you, if you just get out of your own way and allow them to do their best work.

Sometimes loving what you do means you need to take a step back and make sure you are making progress towards your goals the right way. Don’t get caught in the “by any means necessary” trap. Seek out the best information to get you the long term, sustainable results you crave.

It will be worth it.

Through my work here at EosBody, I collaborate internationally with athletes, performers and business leaders to help them unlock the power of their bodies and apply the best practice research, knowledge and experience in performance fitness, and wellbeing.

EosBody training and consultations will help you to find that balance, so you can achieve your fitness and life goals while feeling powerful, stress free and self-assured in the knowledge that you are performing at your peak, every single day.

EosBody – Love your body… love your life… every day!